Ink Intelligent

Ink Intelligent

Producers of the self-cleaning surface tester pen

Incredibly, Ink Intelligent have developed an ink which tests the activity of photocatalytic self-cleaning surfaces. The ink is dispensed from a pen instantly for accurate, convenient and fast results across a broad range of building products.

See our range of ISO test services for assessing photo-catalytic activity of any material.

A paper on our ink has made the Top 10 articles within the field on ScienceDirect.

The photocatalytic surfaces that can be tested with our ink include most self-cleaning tiles, paints, concrete, glass and fabric.  The ink not only reveals the presence of a photocatalytic coating, but also can provide a measure of its activity, via the speed of the colour change under defined irradiation conditions.

  • Testing solution in a pen, spray or as a label
  • Low cost, accurate testing on-site
  • Fast results instantly delivered
  • Dedicated inks for different materials and activities
  • Based on over 40 years of experience
  • Industry recognised
  • Now in the final phase of becoming a new ISO standard

See Our Inks in Action

Choose the right pen for the right self-cleaning activity of your surface

Low Activity Validator

Changes from colourless to gold/brown – usually used for ceramic tiles

Medium Activity Explorer

Changes from blue to pink – usually used for glass